From a young age, I was immersed in the world of entrepreneurship, working alongside my mother at her salon and boutique from the tender age of 10 until I ventured off to college. During those formative years, I witnessed the relentless work ethic and unwavering passion she poured into building her dream. Little did I know that her dedication would eventually inspire me to start my own business, although I had no inkling that it would take the form of a boutique! For much of my life, I grappled with feelings of discomfort within my own body and a constant struggle with my weight. This inner turmoil spilled over into a lack of connection with my personal style and a disinterest in the clothes I wore, as they never seemed to fit just right.

However, one day, something shifted within me. I made the conscious choice to break free from my self-imposed limitations and rewrite the story I had been telling myself about who I was meant to be. This single decision triggered a profound transformation. I left behind my career as a bedside nurse, transitioned into a work-from-home position as a clinical consultant for an insurance brokerage, undertook a thorough examination of my habits (or lack thereof), and began prioritizing self-care. Nearly two years later - I have lost 125 pounds and, for the first time, genuinely embracing who I am.Beneath it all, I am still the same Victoria, but my clothes now reflect my newfound confidence. Frustrated with the baggy attire that no longer represented me, I decided to revamp my wardrobe and donated most of it to Goodwill.

From that pivotal moment, I set out to curate a collection of clothing that truly fits me—not the old me or the future me, but the ME in the present. When I stopped wearing ill-fitting clothes and started embracing pieces that truly complemented my body, everything changed. My clothes not only looked better, but they made me feel better. And so, Yeah Gurl Boutique was born! My personal journey of self-acceptance and self-care seamlessly evolved into a mission to empower other women in a unique way.


At Yeah Gurl Boutique, we're dedicated to bringing you unique and timeless pieces that leave you not only looking good, but feeling good in your own skin. We know that how you feel on the inside can affect how you present yourself on the outside—and vice versa. We believe that fashion and style is more than just dressing up—it’s about feeling empowered and confident when you walk out the door. Our brand offers a range of sizes and styles to accommodate a variety of different body types, so whether you’re looking for something sexy or casual, bohemian, western, or vintage inspired…we’ve got you covered!

“To be fully human is to be wild. Wild is the strange pull and whispering wisdom. It’s the gentle nudge and the forceful ache. It is your truth, passed down from the ancients, and the very stream of life in your blood. Wild is the soul where passion and creativity reside, and the quickening of your heart. Wild is what is real, and wild is your home.” - Victoria Erikson

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