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For starters, I grew up working at my mom's salon and boutique from the time I was 10 until I left for college. Throughout the years, I saw her relentless work ethic and passion as she built her dream. That being said, I knew that eventually I would start my own business, but never had any idea of what it would be. I can tell you that I didn't plan to open a boutique!

Anyways, for most of my life I wasn't comfortable in my own body and I struggled with my weight. This translated into me never really having a connection with my personal style or caring what clothes I was wearing because they just never fit quite right (and my weight was always yo-yoing).

One day, though, something changed: I decided to stop living into my limitations and the story I was telling myself about who I was meant to be. I upturned my entire life! I quit my bedside nursing job, began working from home in health informatics (which is totally awesome), took a hard good look at my habits (or lack thereof), and began showing up for myself. That one decision has brought me here today, almost a year later — 90 pounds down and finally loving embracing who I am.

While it is the same Victoria underneath it all, my clothes said otherwise. Out of frustration for the now, baggy clothes, I packed up most of my closet  and headed to Goodwill.

Since that day, I began to fill my closet with pieces that fit me—not old me, not future me—but ME in the now. When I stopped wearing clothes that would be too big (or small) on me and began looking for ones that fit, everything changed. Not only did my clothes fit better, but I FELT better. 

That's when Yeah Gurl Boutique was born! As it turns out, my journey of showing up for myself evolved into showing up for others in a unique way.

At Yeah Gurl Boutique, we're dedicated to bringing you unique and timeless pieces that leave you not only looking good, but feeling good in your own skin. We know that how you feel on the inside can affect how you present yourself on the outside—and vice versa.

We believe that fashion and style is more than just dressing up—it’s about feeling empowered and confident when you walk out the door. Our brand offers a range of sizes and styles to accommodate a variety of different body types, so whether you’re looking for something sexy or casual, bohemian, western, or vintage inspired…we’ve got you covered!


xoxo Victoria

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